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1) In the Top 200 Forward, could you please have a column for "Games" that the data is based on? Then a 2nd column, "Avg Pts" can be added that divides the total points by the number of games he's expected to play.

For example, this week, 2012 Week 11, Vick is out with a concussion for PHI. Under FBG Scoring, his remaining Pts = 114.8 at QB23. His backup Foles = 44.9 at QB35. This equals 159.7 for PHI QB. Added together they would be QB7 going forward.

The point is, if the list was sorted by "Avg Pts Per Game" (or able to be sorted), then the Top 200 would more accurately reflect their true value. Currently, at list face value, it would appear that Vick is droppable at QB23. I'm not sure that's the case based on projected points for PHI QB.

I would think that the "Number of Games" that the remaining points is based on is already in the spreadsheet anyway. Unhiding it to show the math would be most helpful.

2) "Notes" on the side of the Top 200, like Bloom uses on the Custom Cheatsheet, would be very helpful as well. Thank you.

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