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Go Insane for 2013!

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2013 our second season...

Open teams

2013 LG. SITE IS UP...Flacco, MJD, Williams, Kluechly.....CLICK FOR ROSTER/LG SITE

Send Commish PM from league site if interested in a team

Seeking active owners who can participate in a challengingformat with balanced scoring that results in tight games, no domination by oneposition.

We are the "Insane Asylum League" and looking forowners that are crazy about football!


16 teams

2 Conferences, 4 divisions

6 team championship tournament

10 team consolation tournament

45-man active rosters.

5-man rookie/taxi squad. Expanded to 15 prior to rookiedraft

10-man injured reserve squad

1-4 year player contracts (5 years for rookies)

1 annual franchise tag, 1 annual transition tag

Full IDP, PK (placekicker) and PN (punter)

Waivers, Free agency auction

We are looking for owners who like to trade!

League Fees

Each owner is required to pay $60 per year to own afranchise (League Safe is used to hold funds)


1st 400.0

2nd 200.0

3rd 100.0

Division winners: 200.0 (50 each)

Leaguelink "Click"

Leaguerules "Click"

Send an email to Commish via league site for more info,joining league

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1 team left....2nd best record in league in 2012..finished 4th overall...we are reducing league fee 50% as owner traded all his 5 rookie draft picks...paid fee to do so, but did not return...

Team Roster, Click.

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Last team available.Check the previous post for team link.Good team with picks 1.03, 2.03, 3.03, 4.03 and 5.03Fun league with good owners. Active trading in the league.Interesting tight scoring and good way of handling contract years without worrying about salaries.

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Open teams;Ryan, D Murray, Macklin, Hernandez, CLICK for full roster

Bradford, Luck, Spiller, Welker, Click for full roster

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