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$50 12 Team Non-PPR Non-IDP

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So I'm in the midst setting up a new league and looking for ACTIVE owners to participate. There are already 6 of us committed (3 of which are yet to make their teams). The idea was to get a somewhat deeper than average league with owners who enjoy the forums, trade negotiations, etc. There is nothing worse than a leaguemate who won't respond to a question or offer... Before the draft, we will develop guidelines for participation and correspondence of some type..Basic rules: 12 team, Non-PPR, Non IDP, all TDs 6 pts., 30 man rosters, 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1K 1D/ST starting roster, draft will be live 12-hour timer on MFL (picks can be traded) and likely held before rookie draft (but that is up for discussion).League - - - everything is finalised. For example, the look, league name, exact start date of draft, in-season winnings (if any), and more are to be determined by everyone once league is filled and paid for (LeagueSafe). Here's your chance to help in the creation process!Any interested, please PM me or say something/ask questions here. Also, it'd be helpful if there was some way to show that you are an active participant and dedicated for the long-haul..

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