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12 Team Startup Contract/Salary Dynasty

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I have started a 12 team Contract/Salary league. I am looking for owners to start this league. We will be doing email auction and email draft. This is to let people make picks and pick up players when they can,I don't want the league to be a burden for any owners.12 Team, half point PPR, rosters up to 45 players, standard scoring, full dynasty with contracts and salary cap. Veterans will be placed with an email auction, and 2013 rookies will be done via email draft.The fee will be $50 (and secured by LeagueSafe), and the pay out will be determined by vote after we have all owners. 100% funds will be paid out (there are no "maintenance" fees). While the basis of the league is a Contract/Salary league, most other rules are not set in stone, and can be voted and changed. This is OUR league, so I want everyone to have a say and be happy.This is the league homepage is the current scoring (although we can vote for changes) is the bylaws(again things can change once we have a full set of owners) you are interested or have any questions, email me at Thanks

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