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Which way two go in two Dynasties

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This is more of an overall strategy question. I'm in two 12 team PPR IDP dynasties and have ADP/Rodgers as my core in both. Both teams cam in second place this season and they are built similarly. I need to decide whether to try to make a move for the championship or to start selling someone like ADP while he still has a lot of value. I won't waste space with the both rosters but each team has one more core player (Cruz/Martin) and some solid vets(Sproles/Wayne/Austin in one and Bush/Wallace/Daniels in the other). On paper I would say my team is the 3rd/4th best. My secondary players are worth more to me then their trade value unless I try to blow it up. Do I just go for some small moves and try to compete and maybe miss out and end up with an old team or make a lot of youth moves and risk being stuck in the middle for a few seasons? Both leagues are fairly active, but both have some owners who won't make a deal unless they get the best side by a lot. TIA

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