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Week 1 Flex starter - Mario Williams vs Patrick Chung?

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League starts 2 DL, 2LB, 2 DB and 1 FLEX (DL/LB/DB). Scoring is the same across all IDP positions...

Tackle = 1 pt

Assist Tkl = 0.5 pt

Sack = 5 pt

FF = 3 pt

FR = 3 pt

INT = 5 pt

Pass Def = 3 pt

TD = 6 pt

I have Greg Hardy and Derrick Morgan as my two DL's and Eric Berry and William Moore as my two DB's. Trying to decide between Patrick Chung and Mario Williams as my flex. Their week one projections have them near even...any recommendations??

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I like Chung since you don't get higher scoring for DL stats. I could be biased though as I've owned Mario in the past and he's underwhelmed me a lot. I'd imagine the Patriots will be on O a lot, but not sure what the stats show about Brady getting sacked. I'd imagine it's not very much with their quick dink and dunk style. I'm assuming the Redskins will give Chung a lot of tackle opportunities, with or without RG3 running as much.

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