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Draft Experts Leagues - Advice?

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I apologize if there have been threads on this already (couldn't find), but I'm looking for advice on Draft Experts leagues. They would seem to appeal to me as I think I'm a decent GM... but a terrible coach. Anyhow, I signed up for a cheap draft just to try it out. Any advice for the 28 roster spots? I'm thinking

2-3 (likely 3) QBs

3 TEs

2 Ks

2-3 (likely 2) D's

The rest RB/WRs.

Sound about right? Or are there some holes in my strategy I need to address?


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I think you want to optimize all spots and while I have seen recommendations for only two K or DST that might be better for smaller rosters.

With 28 roster spots I would look to draft

QB = 3

RB = 8

WR = 8

TE = 3 (unless you drafted Graham or Thomas when you might go with 2 - Gronk is such an injury risk I would have 3)

K = 3

DST = 3

obviously the RB or WR could be a 7-9 versus 8-8 if you felt

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