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Rank these IDPs: Lavonte David, Karlos Dansby, Chris Borland, Clay Mat

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Hello everybody,

How would you rank these four IDPs in a league with this scoring system:

Start 1 IDP per week

1 per tackle/assist

2 per forced fumble, fumble recovery, interception or sack

6 per TD

  • Lavonte David
  • Karlos Dansby
  • Chris Borland
  • Clay Matthews

Please note that this scoring is TACKLE heavy. Tackles give the most scoring by far.



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Wow, nice set of LB's

Dansby - Hou starting Mallet n will rely on running game

Borland - He i sthe man now in SF and NYG give lots of tackle opportunities, especially if jennings is back

Mathews - Phi is great match up, just hopefully he stay at MLB

David - Always a solid play

Only one id be worried about is Mathews, if he plays in the middle then you can not go wrong with any of the 4

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