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Dan 680

Filled, Thanks!

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need volunteers for a Mock draft - League in development

I am looking for volunteers to help with the development of a new dynasty league.

We are completing a mock draft to test how the draft goes, and to see if any issues come up.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the league wanted to participate, and we are short 10 owners anyway.

Anyway, If you're looking for something free and fun to do, why not.

Here are the details.

A duplicate league has been created to host the mock draft.

Draft starts today(thursday) @ 8am

Draft is 33 rounds.

There is a 12 hr timer, with night time suspension between 11pm-8am

When finished we complete a 6 rd rookie mock draft and then test DTS activation.

Inaugural draft has 4 extra rounds to account for DTS. (Rookie-3rd players can go there)

29 man rosters, (18 on offence/ 11 on IDP ) Please enforce this rule when drafting... + 10 man taxi squad (rookies, 2nd yr, 3rd yr players only)

11 starters, QB, RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 FLEX, DL, LB, DB, DFLEX

Just send me an email and I'll plug you into an open team.

Don't worry if you're a couple days late, it's a slow email draft.

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