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Survivor Leagues - Week 8 and 9

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WSL1 – Out: Kardplayer, Duckboy. Immune: ARud

WSL2 – Out: HellToupee, reaper. Immune: Bloom

WSL3 – Out: Bass, BroadwayG. Immune: Domination

PDSL1 – Out: Holloway, crippler. Immune: Fresh Prince

PDSL2 – Out: HellToupee, reaper. Immune: SweetLove

SSL1 – Out: Tex, rudy. Immune: btsw

SSL2 – Out: krsone, PAE. Immune: Norseman

SSL3 – Out: Pictus Cat, snellman. Immune: Fresh Prince

SSL4 – Out: Old Mil 2, ryheaps. Immune: Ref Dummy

MBSL1 – Out: sinrman, Old Mil 2. Immune: Maggot Brain

MBSL2 – Out: HellToupee, bro1ncos. Immune: BroadwayG 2


3 league point leaders were booted Week 9: Duckyboy-WSL1 (2nd overall SL points), reaper-PDSL2 (with 4 immunities) and bro1ncos-MBSL2

PDSL1 - sinrman survives again with his 3rd straight score below 100 points.

SSL3 - Holloway and Fresh Prince dominating, winning 7 of the 9 immunities so far.

SSL4 - Shadowfax Dummy was saved Week 8 with immunity. Old Mil 2 bears the unlucky brunt.

HellToupee with a triple boot in Week 8.

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3 league point leaders were booted Week 9: reaper-PDSL2 (with 4 immunities)

4 Immunities.. More than 180 points ahead of the next Sucka going in to the week...

Saw it coming tho with Romo out / Bye Weeks....

Nothing you can do about that....

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