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10 Team: Start 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE - All TD's 6 pts

Weird rules as we are allowed to keep 1500 pts from previous years roster.  Not allowed to trade players during offseason. Right now I am keeping the following:

Julio Jones - 217

Adrian Peterson - 214

Doug Martin - 183

Allen Hurns - 158

Mark Ingram - 151

Sammy Watkins - 145

Demaryius Thomas - 142

Travis Kelce - 114

Jamaal Charles - 77

Devante Parker - 50

Jay Ajayi - 35

TOTAL - 1486


Not kept:

Blake Bortles - 362

Carson Palmer - 357

Deangelo Williams - 184

Lesean McCoy - 142

Jeremy Maclin - 142

DeMarco Murray - 128


Gives me 5 RB, 5 WR, 1 TE - I figure I will draft a couple QBs put can trade depth at wr or rb for a good qb as well.

Would you do anything different?

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Very cool the way keepers are determined.  However, I would change your keepers.  Bortles probably scored top 5 in your league and I don't see him slowing.  You can only start 3 WR's but yet are keeping 5.  I would find a way to keep Bortles IMO, get rid of Hurns, probably Ingram and someone else.  The math is going to be tough but my keepers are:

Julio, Charles, Watkins, Thomas, Kelce, Parker.  The rest are coin flips.  Martin, who knows if he was just playing for a contract and goes back to his old self.  AP is aging, how long can he keep it going.  That would be my thought process. 

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I'd keep Maclin over Hurns without even a 2nd thought. He's better and cheaper. Also, I'm not entirely sure who i'd get rid of, but McCoy at that price has to be a keep. Maybe keep him over Martin?

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