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Robert Quinn, LAR DE

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6 hours ago, jbz said:

total boom/bust player though. He has one pass rush move. 

95% of all DE's are boom bust.  They are not big tackle guys and only are relevant when they get sacks.  Quinn has been one of the more consistent sack producers so I would stick with him.

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Loved Robert Quinn when he first came into the league but he tailed off.

He's getting a new lease on life with the Dolphins and it 'appears' that the Rams were using him as a stand-up OLB/DE hybrid instead of having his hand in the ground as a straight 4-3 DE.  The Phins didn't believe they could get him and had to dump Suh but they had one of the highest paid D-Lines and were only 26th in pass rush.

Many guys have struggled with that transition, Sheard and many others, so if he is back as a 4-3 DE then he's got upside IMHO.

Dolphins ‘thought it was a joke’ when presented with chance to trade for Robert Quinn



DAVIE — The sequence in which the Dolphins landed former all-pro defensive end Robert Quinn literally unbelievable to the people at the center of it. came as quite a surprise in Februarywhen the Rams offered him for the mere price of a fourth-round pick. Miami defensive coordinator Matt Burke, who has enjoyed a fortuitous offseason, thought Adam Gase must have been messing with him when he called and said, “Take a look at Robert Quinn and let me know.”

Robert Quinn? Really?

Take a look at his film? Really?

“Yes, I’m good,” Burke replied. “Absolutely, 100 percent. I’m on board.”

...Whether this really works out for the best depends on whether Quinn still has the talent to be one of the most fearsome edge rushers in football and whether Burke and Kocurek can facilitate this comeback.

...“It’s just scheme,” he said. “He was asked to do something differently than he had done in the past, going from strictly a 4-3 type guy to being more of a stand-up, outside-linebacker-type. It’s not an easy transition sometimes.”

The regular season is still well off in the distance, but the first few months of Quinn’s arrival have made the Dolphins even more optimistic than when his name first surfaced in their building. He could be the key to transforming their pass rush, and the early phase of this relationship has heightened that expectation.

... “I think he feels comfortable being in, hopefully, a scheme that fits his skillset. I’m really excited to see what he can do for us. I think that position is going to be an area of strength for us.”


I think he's a legit comeback player at DE.  

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He was beyond worthless with a LB designation in my leagues but I snagged him in a couple leagues hoping Wade wouldn't stay in LAR long but the trade is even better.

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Time to hop on the Q-Train.

'Good' pass rushers bend the edge but the 'BEST' pass rushers get so low to the ground that OTs can't get leverage.  Quinn has always had the ability as one of the best 'edge' pass rushers in the league.  It made no sense to stand him up as a hybrid OLB/DE and take away his one big advantage as a pass rusher.

He's flashing his natural 'edge' pass rush ability and his team mates and the Miami coaches have noticed.

You gotta read this, this is really exciting IMHO.

Dolphins' Robert Quinn amazes teammates with his pass-rushing 'bend'



Words don’t do justice to defensive end Robert Quinn’s pass-rushing technique, his so-called “bend.” Nevertheless, Miami Dolphins coaches and teammates tried their best to sum up what they’ve seen from Quinn as he tries to get around offensive tackles in an attempt to get at the quarterback.

“It’s very freakish,” coach Adam Gase said. “The way he turns a corner is unreal.”

...when the time comes to get around the offensive tackle he gets so low teammates say it’s not unusual for his left hip to be inches from the ground and his left knee to actually touch the ground.

“Nobody else on this team could do it. Honestly,” said right tackle Ja’Wuan James, who has to block Wake every day. “That’s how crazy it is.”

Left tackle Laremy Tunsil, the man charged with blocking Quinn every day in practice, is amazed by Quinn’s technique.

Have y’all seen his bend?” Tunsil asked. “Y’all haven’t seen his bend? Man, he touches the ground with his knee and gets up, I don’t know how he does it.

“He’s a freak athlete. It’s crazy.

Quinn, an All-Pro and two-time Pro Bowl selection who had a career-best 19 sacks in 2013, has shocked and amazed coaches and teammates with his skill and technique.

“It’s weird to watch sometimes, to be honest with you,” defensive coordinator Matt Burke said. “He comes off the corner and sometimes you think he’s actually rushing too high and gets past the quarterback, then he just turns his foot and plants it and bends it.



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