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IDP round table (Thursday?)

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It looks like the IDP round table is uploaded at different times on Thursday. We switched free agent pick up years ago but this year everyone voted to have pick ups at 6PM, because of everyone favorite Thursday Night game. It seems like the table is uploaded at different times on Thursday including after the Thursday game has started. What sucks now is I listen to it every week but now if it is not loaded in the late afternoon it is not really any good to me.  Is there a certain time that they try to upload it? I find myself last week checking back ever 15 minutes and the quit after 7pm or so .Not sure what can be done but I assume that I am not the only one in this position. With it being usually 60 minutes long that means it has to be up by 5pm which I am guessing doesn't look good. Any comments on this. Just thought I would ask . 



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