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TX Steel

Am I over worried abt Doug Martin? WHIR


0.5 PPR.

My RBs are David Johnson, Martin, Hightower, Gillislee, Quizz, Sims, DeAngelo, and Ellington.

We start 2 RBs, as well as 2 flex. I've got enough WRs (AB, Crabtree, ARob, Gabriel, Ginn) and TEs (Brate, Ladarius) that I only need to start 2 RBs. 

If Ingram was out, I'd easily start Hightower over Martin. But everyone else is dependent on injury to warrant starting. 

I still have to start Martin, right? He's facing the Saints...but reports are that Quizz will see more touches, and Sims should be back. I'd hate to start him and they ride a hot hand that's NOT Martin.

So again...I have to start Martin, right? Not Gillislee? Or Hightower?

Thanks, and please leave a link so I can return the favor!

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Another vote for Martin. I think they were just being cautious with him last week after he got a little banged up. He's clearly their number 1 guy and should see decent run on Sunday. I guess I would lose it this way: would you really start Quizz, Sims or Gilleslie who are all #2 or #3 over a guy who is a #1? Sure-one if them MIGHT be a better play than Martin but who will that be? It's impossible to tell at this point. The only guy I could possibly see starting over Doug is Hightower but I don't love that idea either unless Ingram is out for the same reasons as above. You guys must have huge rosters though because that's a ton of RBs

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