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Any SABR Members Here - Proud Dad Story

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My daughter is a Jr in College, Majoring in Mathematics; with minors in Stats and Actuarial Sciences.  She is writing her honors thesis on the Statistics of Baseball and joined SABR this past Summer to begin her research.  In the Fall, she learned that SABR gives out 4 scholarships to their Annual Analytics Conference and applied just before Christmas.  A little over a week ago, she learned she was selected as one of the 4 that will be heading to Phoenix for the Conference.  There is an incredible line up of speakers (including Bill James) and former players scheduled to attend.  I am so blown away at this opportunity for her (and I suppose hoping this leads to a gig in MLB some day).  

Not really a baseball thread-worthy topic, but friends and family have only a limited knowledge to SABR (mostly from seeing Moneyball) so I thought I'd possibly share the coolness of this opportunity with folks that may get it a bit more.  AND, if anyone has baseball books to recommend, advice on how to secure a job in MLB and the like, I would love to have info to share with her.


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