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Colin Kaepernick Thread - Kaep and NFL reach grievance settlement resolution.

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22 minutes ago, Ramblin Wreck said:

If there was a good chance of evidence of collusion and Kaepernick wanted to play, why did he settle and take the cash instead of going to the end?  

Obviously because he probably got substantially more money than the arbitrator would have awarded for his lost QB salary for 2 years, plus damages. Also, there was no guarantee that the arbitrator would rule in his favor. I figured he would get about $50 million if the arbitrator ruled in his favor, so the speculated settlement figure of $60-$80 million seems about right and would have been foolish to refuse.

Plus he can be signed now for the 2019 season, although realistically I think his career is over.

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18 minutes ago, squistion said:

In this case I do. The arbitrator issued a gag order and nothing was made public by the parties to the case and that is a fact.

Andrew Brandt is a shill for the NFL and is clearly wrong here as no information was leaked by the parties to the case.  .

:lmao:  Andrew Brandt has forgotten more about the NFL than you or I will ever know.  He's no shill for them and is a Kaepernick supporter.  He just tells it like it is.  

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15 minutes ago, apalmer said:

It never is. It's not about the money when a parent sues for the wrongful death of their child. It's not about the money when Ford is sued because they let their Pintos explode.  It's not about money when a New York landlord is sued for refusing to rent to minorities. Unfortunately, money is the only device the law provides to punish wrongdoers in civil lawsuits.

So each NFL owner pay $1-$2 million bucks wouldn't really classify them as losers then.  They paid chump change to end this.

More importantly, with labor negotiations set to begin soon they were able to keep their private emails out of the courtroom, the public and more importantly the NFLPA's view.  I'd say they gained a lot by settling, agreed?   

Not saying Kaep didn't either.  Getting a crap ton of money is always winning but he lost what he was really after which was proving collusion and being able to play again.  Neither will happen.

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