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Finch is going to try and tough it out. Skip one week and play in week 17. Psycho playing with that...and yet I kind of like it from a rook

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Vrabel restated that he does want a D that can play 3-4 and 4-3.

Since they played so much nickel, he was asked about 4 DL being best and...paused...and brushed it off.

I think that may be when aย team switches to 4-3. Frustration, what's best for the talent etc. Without Casey, with Rak and Morgan on the line so much....they really teased it a ton this year.

Finch graded best of all LBs. There's some debate if he'd be a DE in a 4-3. His techniques are fantastic and he just needs to bulk up.

As you know, this talk is always wrong til it isn't but...wanted to share that it seems like a hmmm now.ย 

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