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Miami's LB

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I was looking at projections for the tackles for Miami and the got both Alonso and Timmons right at the top with 70 -80 solo tackles each. Typically in a 4-3  the MLB gobbles up most of the tackles. Should I believe that both of them guys are going to get 100 total tackles each while playing on the outside? I am in a dynasty league and have Alonso already and Timmons if he gets 80 solos is good at the price but not sure if I believe both of them will get 100 total tackles. Any thoughts? 


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It's a bit more complicated than just the MLB gobbling up most of the tackles in a 4-3. It depends if the MLB is a two down thumper or a three down coverage backer.

In this case, it looks like Miami will play a two down thumper like Hull or Maualuga. I would expect either of them to put up OK but not great numbers, and Alonso and Timmons to play in the sub packages and put up better numbers.

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