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!! DRAFT TONIGHT !! - One spot available | 12 Team ESPN PPR | $100 | Weekly Prizes

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We have one spot available to DRAFT TONIGHT @ 8PM EST.   $100 Buy in via Leaguesafe

$20 in weekly prizes are awarded from weeks 1-13. $10 for the winner of the week’s contest, plus another $10 to the team with most fantasy points scored.  Unique playoff rules also give teams in the consolation ladder something to play for.

Entry fees collected on Leaguesafe.  Majority rule payout. Fee must be PAID BY 4PM EST to secure your spot

PM or Email for Invite:

League Page:


Weekly Prizes, $10
Wk 1 - WR MVP: Most points from a starting WR
Wk 2 - RB MVP: Most points from a starting RB
Wk 3 - QB MVP: Most points from a starting QB
Wk 4 - D/ST MVP: Most points from a starting D/ST
Wk 5 - Hot Start: Team with the best record after 5 weeks (tiebreaker is total points)
Wk 6 - Biggest Loser: Most team points in a losing effort
Wk 7 - Halftime Bonus: Team with Most points accumulated after 7 weeks
Wk 8 - Biggest Blowout: Team with the Largest Margin of Victory
Wk 9 - Underdog: Fewest team points in a winning effort
Wk 10 - Bench Warmer: Most fantasy points from your Bench
Wk 11 - Photo Finish: Team with the Narrowest Margin of Victory
Wk 12 - Coach of the Year: Team with Biggest improvement from 1st half of season (Largest points differential between Weeks 7-12 vs 1-6)
Wk 13 - Over Achiever: Team with Most points accumulated during Regular Season

Monster Score of the Week, $10
During Weeks 1 thru 13, prize money will be awarded from the league's pot to the Team with the Highest total score each week

Post-Season Awards
(based on 12 teams and reflects remaining money from league's pot that will be awarded after weekly prizes)
League Champion = $470
2nd place finish = $235
3rd place finish = $94
5th place finish = 2nd choice of 2018 Draft position 
Winner Consolation Ladder (Toilet Bowl) = $47 & 1st choice of 2018 Draft position
Most Points Scored Regular Season = $94

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