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What offensive projections does everyone use for Lineup Dominator?  

I just now found this feature and have been playing this season with the defualt: 41% Bloom, 41% Dodds, and 18% Tremblay.  

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30% Dodds

30% Henry

20% Tremblay - may increase that next year

20% Wood


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I understand the concept of not putting all your eggs in one basket...smoothing out the peaks and valleys in projections by averaging. Which does and has worked for me in the past. But, it also smooths out some of the hunches too. I've won with Dodds 100% before. I've also taken a beating using only Dodd's projections. I find that I like a lot of Jason Wood's insights. He has good analysis and sometimes zigs when others zag. I don't want to smooth out all the players projections too much.


Player 1 Projections

Expert 1: 230 pts.

Expert 2: 175 pts

Expert 3: 180 pts.

Expert 4: 250 pts.

Avg: 208.75


Player 2 Projections

Expert 1: 210 pts.

Expert 2: 200 pts

Expert 3: 210 pts.

Expert 4: 215 pts.

Avg: 208.75

If I strongly believe Expert 1 and 4's projections, I should go with Player 1. (240 pts is the average of MYTWO experts' projections, even though the four-expert panel's average of both players is the same across both players)

Even though Player 2 is the "safer" pick...more consistent according to all four experts.  Player 1 is the guy I want. Because he aligns more favorably with my two guys' projections. Just looking at the average of the 4 experts, you might think that both players are identical and you could select either one interchangeably. I think this shows that a composite isn't always best.


So, I will likely use a mixture of the two. (Dodds and Wood)


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