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M Ryan/Ingram/Broncos <-> R Wilson/D Lewis/Jaguars


12 team NPPR (6 bench) Our team:

QB - Matt Ryan

HB - Kareem Hunt, Leonard Fournette, Mark Ingram, Chris Ivory, Charcandrick West, Matt Breida

WR - Antonio Brown, Jarvais Landry, Jermaine Kearse, Will Fuller, Cooper Kupp

TE - Jordan Reed

Def - Broncos

K - Robbie Gould

On paper I think this trade looks lopsided against our team. One thing that makes me interested is that Ingram is our flex. Therefore, a breakout WR OR HB in free agency could fill the void. We have the most FAB in the league. The top QBs are set in stone so it's unlikely to find a great one in free agency. Unless teams tend to drop their backup in weeks with a lot of byes? I'm inexperienced at this. I know having a consistent QB1 is something our team could really use. Then again, could Matt Ryan figure it our and then we start firing on all cyliders? I'm also unsure if Ingram can truly sustain how good he's been. Deon Lewis has also been ascending. 

Let me know your thoughts!

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I think the drop off from Ingram to Fuller, Dion or Kearse (your new weekly flex most likely) outweighs your upgrade from Ryan to Wilson by quite a bit. Not sure of your options but I'd be perfectly fine dropping Breida and streaming for a bit until the Atl offense finds itself. Or just riding it out and being fantastic at every spot but QB ROS. Jags bring a beautiful ceiling the Broncos provide a beautiful floor. I'd call that mostly a wash, but given the quality of your team I'd prefer to have the great floor. Wouldn't do the deal. 

If you'd be so kind, I'd really appreciate answer to my question! :D

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I might show a little more patience...

You have a good team

I don't believe Wilson is that much of an upgrade over Ryan, plus he's coming out of a bye with Jones and Sanu both scheduled to play.

Lewis is ascending but will always be in a four-man rotation with Belichick at the helm. Good luck figuring out what the Rainman will do with his offense from week to week.

Ingram has been very solid finishing 10th last year and 15th the year before.

There's an old saying that goes...

Win the flex position Win the game.

If you can put up 15 points with your Flex while your opponents are putting up  a 6, it's a big advantage.

I wouldn't be afraid to drop one of your running backs and or wide receivers and stream a quarterback if you think Ryan has a tough matchup until you can determine whether or not Atlanta will recover over the next two weeks.

Same with Denver's defense just like you would with Reed when can't go.

Qualifier... I normally build my non PPR teams through my running backs and I'm not afraid to stream any position that I feel is weak until I can fix the problem through trade or waiver wire.


Good luck

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