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Super Bowl Bingo

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Let's check how unique the cards are.  Here's the "B" column of mine:

1) 2nd half roughing the passer

2) Illegal Block

3) 12 Men

4) Face Mask

5) Offensive Pass Interference


Anyone care to compare theirs?

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So I guess we know they're not all the same.  I wonder if there are like 10 sets of them or each one is truly random.

Trying to figure out if it matters how quickly you press "Bingo" button and if you're racing against others to do so.

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I really like the idea in principle, but that would require me to pay way too much attention to the game and/or be on my phone for the whole thing, so 0 chance I follow along.  


My B column is:

2nd Half intentional grounding, Offensive holding, facemask, Offensive PI, and Unnec. Roughness.  


ETA:  NM - I just actually looked at it, and saw that it fills up for you as plays come in, so I probably will check it from time to time.  I thought I had to hover over the damn entry or something.  

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