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**Official Indianapolis Colts 2019 thread** Finally something to get excited about

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21 hours ago, Anarchy99 said:

Jim Irsay’s Goal To Win Three Super Bowls In A Row

Not sure making such a statement makes all that much sense. At this point, teams should be concerned about filling out their rosters to put the best product on the field that they can and taking one week at a time.

But let’s aim for winning three titles in a row as our goal. How about you start with making it to a SB before you talk about going back to back to back?

It may be time to check the briefcase again.   😐

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Mr. Campbell is going to either make or break my dynasty teams this year. For whatever reason he fell to me in like almost every draft. And there were spots I took him over Deebo Samuel (which I know isn't the popular opinion around here) You Colts fans hearing good things about him?  

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I hadn't thought about it but this is now a possibility.


Slurms Mackenzie‏ @KardiacAve

If the colts get Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and Trever Lawrence I’m gonna be pissed

6:53 PM - 24 Aug 2019


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The whole Luck thing sucked the wind out of the excitement for the season but I’m excited to see what they can do as well. Should be a really really good defense and Jacoby has a lot of weapons at his disposal. Still think they’re a playoff team. 

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