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Do you enjoy rebuilds ? I have the team for you

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12 team 1 QB PPR  , 22 man roster , 5 man taxi squad.

Team needs rebuild and has 1:04 and 1:12 this year and also it's 2019 1st rounder.

League fees are $105 and payment is managed through Leaguesafe.

We have a couple of ffpc high stakes players in our league so the level of competition is quite high.

We also place emphasis on playing nice, we feel strongly that fantasy football should primarily be fun and an escape, so, if you enjoy setting message boards on fire and sitting back to watch while it burns, this is probably not the league for you.

Please view team below:

League rules and settings:

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Oh, the team is not as bad as it looks. Biggest weakness is at running back position. The free agent pool offers nothing so it needs to be built via draft. You could probably sell team at full price or with a slight discount if you include a supplemental 1st round pick at 1.13. That makes the team maybe not a winner but competitive. I see a previous prospective new owner traded away Dave Johnson just 9 days ago. Question whether that trade and the Golladay trade should be voided.

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A discount is possible , please  send your best offer on the league site by sending a message to the commissioner. The team is competitive and has two first round picks in a deep draft.

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