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2018 NFL bye weeks

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Week 4: Panthers, Redskins

Week 5: Bears, Buccaneers

Week 6: Lions, Saints

Week 7: Packers, Raiders, Seahawks, Steelers

Week 8: Chargers, Cowboys, Falcons, Titans

Week 9: Bengals, Cardinals, Colts, Eagles, Giants, Jaguars

Week 10: Broncos, Ravens, Texans, Vikings

Week 11: Bills, Browns, Dolphins, 49ers, Jets, Patriots

Week 12: Chiefs, Rams


Arizona Cardinals	9
Atlanta Falcons		8
Baltimore Ravens	10
Buffalo Bills		11
Carolina Panthers	4
Chicago Bears		5
Cincinnati Bengals	9
Cleveland Browns	11
Dallas Cowboys		8
Denver Broncos		10
Detroit Lions		6
Green Bay Packers	7
Houston Texans		10
Indianapolis Colts	9
Jacksonville Jaguars	9
Kansas City Chiefs	12
Los Angeles Chargers	8
Los Angeles Rams	12
Miami Dolphins		11
Minnesota Vikings	10
New England Patriots	11
New Orleans Saints	6
New York Giants		9
New York Jets		11
Oakland Raiders		7
Philadelphia Eagles	9
Pittsburgh Steelers	7
San Francisco 49ers	11
Seattle Seahawks	7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers	5
Tennessee Titans	8
Washington Redskins	4


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