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NoMercy has multiple openings in our entry level leagues.

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No Mercy Fantasy Football is a showcase league at My Fantasy League. We are in our 18th year. It is a 12 league system, with promotions and demotions from entry-level to top leagues based on performance - both win-loss records, performance in the playoffs and your total points determine if you get promoted (or demoted). So if you think you can start at the bottom, make it past fanatsy legends to the upper league - The Great White Sharks - this is the system for you. Of course, you will have to take on a number of FBGs on the way; Jason Wood, Aaron Rudnicki, Andrew Garda, David Yudkin, etc. are all obstacles to your advancement!

There are no fees or payouts - this is all about getting promoted out of the lower leagues and trying to beat the best. Are you up to it?

Read more at  or pm me if you want in.

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