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Interested in joining a $30 NFL Survivor/Suicide/ Pool on ESPN ?

Last year we had 185 teams, and I'm sure this year will easily hit 200+

Make one pick each week

If your pick is correct, you move on to pick next week.

If your pick is wrong, you are out.

Winner take all

email me to join -

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Ya majority vote (only league I have that is majority vote even thought its one of the smallest prize pools, oddly enough)

Winner take all.

Last year it was week 14 it finally ended (week of the mia/ne game).

Week 11 the final 6 teams split 3/4 of the prize money (as all 6 took KC to beat NYG in the same week and lost) left the final 1/4 of the prize pool left to play for over the rest of the year and one guy won the rest of the money in week 14

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