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New 32 team $250 Full IDP updated rules

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Currently run four Paragon-clone 32 team leagues. Starting a fresh one with updated rules like PP1D, increased IDP value and more. We want this to be a league of 32 GOOD players, so we started out drawing from the current leagues, and a few others we figured were good fits. Have 6 spots left, so going to advertise to fill those. Will be requiring a fantasy resumé of sorts- both for your protection, and to ensure we don't have someone in over their heads. 
If you're familiar with 32 team double copies, you've likely seen the majority of the rules...this is a link to the general constitution for those:

Link to the MFL page

From that page, go to Links>League Links up top and you'll see pages for:

Rule Differences from a 'normal' 32

Scoring Differences spreadsheets

Startup is 3RR. Vet draft will have each rookie draft PICK as its own 1.01, 1.02 etc will be a'player' in the vet draft and the rookie draft will be compiled and occur after the conclusion of the vet draft.

5th year superpot, 100% payout, LeagueSafe

If you have any questions, fire away here or email me If you know anyone in the current leagues (31 Must Fall,District 32,Para Bellum and The Premier League), feel free to ask about my commish abilities, or I can provide addresses if you don't.


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