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Trade for Tevin Coleman


This is a .5 ppr league.

I was offered Sterling Shepard and Pittsburgh D for Tevin Coleman. I declined that trade and countered with Derrick Henry for Tevin Coleman. 

They accepted the offer about 8 hours later in the middle of the night right before I had a chance to pull the offer off the table and now I regret it.

I do have Dion Lewis as well so I like the handcuff angle. 

My other top rb's in the league are: 

E. Elliott, L. Miller, D. Lewis, and B. Powell. 

Did I make the right decision long term?

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Regret is often a tough pill to swallow.....  but here, it all depends on Freeman's playing time. 


I like Henry over Coleman with all other issues negated.  Henry should be more of the focus of Tenn Offense with Mariota hobbled.  You might make out better off for a few weeks, but long term it might be neutral deal. 

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I would rather have Henry but thats more due to me not liking Coleman a lot

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