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7 hours ago, Raging weasel said:

Nice!, What did you change cause I didn't cash anything but a .25er for .60 with it.

I play with a small group of friends, which is why I won. $10 buy in, winner takes all. I took out Boyd and Dallas, and put in Mike Williams (shat the bed) and Bears defense.

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Son was home sick today so I had 1/2 a day of work and had a little more time to look at stuff in an attempt to find some plays.  


Here is the list of QBs averaging 35+ attempts/g, are on a team in the top 12 of team pace, vs. a team with a low sack rate, and vs a good matchup DVOA-wise:

Ben, Luck, Stafford, Bortles


Qbs in the next tier that had 3 of those 4 categories were Flacco, Dalton, and Rivers.  



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RB   no surprise that it turned into a who's who of the top RBs.  

Here is a list of the RBs averaging 50+% of the team snaps, 30% of the team touches, and 20 touches/game:

McCaffrey, Zeke, Conner, Gurley, Kamara, Barkley, Mixon/Gio, Hyde.    Very close in touches/g were Gordon, Hunt, and David Johnson.  

Everybody on that list besides Hunt and Hyde are also averaging 5targets/g.  


Narrowing down the list more - McCaffrey, Zeke, Conner, Gurley, Kamara, and Gordon have the + matchups as far as OL vs. DL this week.  Again, the who's who of stud RBs.  


Lynch stood out as having a good matchup as far as OL and DVOA goes.  

D.Lewis, White, C.Thompson, and N.Hines were the RBs I wrote down for DK too.  They have the 50% snap, 30% touches, and also get 5+Targets/game (just not the 20 touch/game threshold).  


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Wrs I have more problems with.   This is where a subscription of some sort would come in to see specific matchups and formations.  

Here is a list of WRs that have 20+% of team targets and also averaging 9+ targets/game:

C.Davis, Julio, Hopkins, Thielen, OBJ, Enunwa, A.Brown, M.Thomas, D.Adams, JuJu, Tate, K.Allen, Diggs, Boyd, Agholor (will this transfer to Alshon?), and Hilton.  

Of those, the ones that are on a team that plays at a high pace = Julio, Hopkins, Thielen, Brown, JuJu, Tate, Diggs, Hilton.  


I think this is the area I need to try to focus on this week to try to dig deeper for possible low $ guys to fit in with the stud RBs.  

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For TE, I wrote down players with 15+% of the team targets and averaging 5+targets/game:

Kelce, Ertz, Kittle, Reed, Cook, Gronk, Seals-Jones, Ebron, Njoku, Graham


The ones with the good DVOA matchup this week are Ertz, Kittle, Seals-Jones, and Graham.  


There are injuries to look at too which might make guys like Kroft and Vannett worth a shot for sub 3K darts.  

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Lastly, I wrote down my usual President Trump that are the top 8 as far as adjusted sack rates.  They were:

Det, Az, Tenn, Balt, Houst, Dallas, Min, and Car.    


Tenn is way too pricey, but there are some other gpp Ds in there to maybe dig deeper on.  

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