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Captain Cranks

Brett Kavanaugh

Regarding BK's testimony on Thursday  

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19 hours ago, Dickies said:

I am ex-Catholic but don’t remember things being as strict as Woz is talking about. I’m an atheist now, but my family is still super Catholic. My aunt was a nun, and my uncle is a Jesuit. Both are very progressive and seem way less rigid in their beliefs than people I know who define themselves simply as Christian

I don't doubt any of this as my experience was unique in that I got far more in depth in terms of learning the nuances of the Catholic dogmas. I attended Catholic school from pre-school through college and I paid attention. Because I paid attention I had a priest pull me out of class in 6th through 8th grade to do some independent study where we really looked at the strict dogmas and got into mortal sins and getting into heaven.* In high school I studied apologetics, found it fascinating, and got into the works of St. Thomas and C.S. Lewis in my spare time. In college, I studied the Old Testament with the Benedictine priest tasked with translating from Hebrew to English the then most recent version of the bible. 

In contrast, at least in my experience, most other Catholics didn't get that in depth. Heck, I remember going to church once with my mom, who is a Catholic school teacher, and afterwards raising an issue that I found interesting in the priest's homily. Instead of engaging, I mom sort of stared at me blankly and then commented about how some other kid in church was wearing the same kind of khakis as me or something. And, honestly, I got it. Most of the Catholics I knew went to church to feel good because it's a clear rule. There were many good people there, the priests didn't beat us much over the head with dogma during the homilies, and the concepts of the Eucharist and Reconciliation aren't that difficult to grasp. So, it's pretty easy to understand why or how many Catholics go through it without any uneasiness or feeling that the religion is too strict. 

But, to anybody who looks in to the catechisms and the particular dogmas, I don't know how one could come away without describing them as almost impossibly too strict. 



*He was the only one of the three priests at my parish as the time to not later wind up on the list of child abusers. 

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18 hours ago, dawgtrails said:

He'll isn't really a thing guys

Probably why Kavanaugh is so willing to lie under oath.  

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6 minutes ago, zoonation said:

Agreed.  I don’t think the venue would have ultimately mattered though.  

It shouldn't have, because there was identifiable reasonable doubt. ;) 

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