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Playoff Contest is LIVE

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46 minutes ago, Steeler said:

It should be working now.  


It is. I'm 109th. :kicksrock:

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Hey @SteelerCalcomatic seems to be missing the sacks that the Patriots recorded.  Shows the Patriots defense with 2 points and it really should be 6.

(FWIW the winner had them so it's not like it changes the top of the standings but may shuffle a few positions).

And I'm relieved to say that I only missed out on a 10th place finish after all that - given how bizarre the game turned out to be statistically there were very few contributors and those that contributed put up massive numbers (and I managed to miss enough of them in my lineup).

A $30 mistake I can live with a lot more than a $1000 mistake :D

Contrats to the winners and thanks to FBG for putting on the contest, Steeler for carrying on the work of Iggy and for all you guys for making it fun and interesting :)


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Fun contest. Finished 97th. Not bad for not really knowing what to do. If only the Saints were in it.  I'd have had a shot.

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