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Teams Scoring 500 Points In A Season . . .

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I believe I may have brought this up in prior years, but heading into this season there were 23 teams that scored at a rate of 500 points per season in the SB era (there were a handful of teams that played fewer games, so I prorated them to 500+ points if they scored at the same rate over 16 games. Only 4 of the 23 wound up winning the Super Bowl that season. I only bring it up again because there were 3 teams that scored 500+ points this year.

2013 DEN	606	SB L
2007 NEP	589	SB L
2018 KCC	565	?
2011 GBP	560	DIV L
2012 NEP	557	AFCCG L
1998 MIN	556	NFCCG L
2011 NOS	547	DIV L
1983 WAS	541	SB L
2016 ATL	540	SB L
2000 STL	540	WC L
2018 LAR	527	?
1999 STL	526	SB W
2004 IND	522	DIV L
1968 OAK*	518	AFCCG L
2011 NEP	513	SB L
1984 MIA	513	SB L
1982 SDC*	512	DIV L
1966 KCC*	512	SB L
2010 NEP	510	DIV L
2009 NOS	510	SB W
1966 DAL*	509	NFCCG L
1994 SFO	505	SB W
2018 NOS	504	?
2001 STL	503	SB L
1998 DEN	501	SB W
2015 CAR	500	SB L

Given that the 3 teams are still alive of the 8 teams remaining and they all have home games, the chances might be higher this year than in season's past that one of the high scoring teams wins the title. Also, given that the game has changed and teams can lose scoring 50 points in a game these days, we may not see a battle of a great offense facing a great defense like we have in other years.

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That 66 Chiefs team still one of my favorites.

Len Dawson leading passer

Mike Garrett second leading rusher.  Heisman winner.

Otis Taylor*** an amazing receiver and Chris Buford in the top four WR.

Johnny Robinson and Bobby Hunt tied for first both with 10 INT's.

The Chiefs scored 448 giving up 276. So an average game....32 -19.

And they were huge in the lines. Buck Buchanon 6-8ish. A HOFer.

*** This guy was out of Prairie View one of those HBCU schools, he was big and fast and seem to glide, so smooth.  He could play right now,

In 66 he averaged a gaudy 22.4 a catch, best in the AFL by far.

He along with the 250 pound monstrosity Cookie Gilchrist&&&& and the amazing Lance Alworth had  NFL talent.

Lynn Swann (same HS at Tom Brady, a Cali long jump champ) is in the Hall of Fame with these career numbers




Taylor isn't in the Hall of Fame




Something is wrong there.  Cliff Branch should also be in before Swann.

&&&& He went straight from HS to the CFL, then ended up with the Bills, the first 1000 yard rusher in AFL history.


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The results of this seems to be running counter to the common narrative I heard on ESPN and so on recently in regards to new coaching hires and focus being on the offensive side of the ball, due to rule changes favoring the offense recently.

Yet according to your list high scoring teams that make it to the SB are more likely to lose it than win it suggests that something else besides scoring points is critical for winning the big game.

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All 3 teams that scored 500 points advanced, meaning that there is a 3 in 4 chance a 500 point scoring tram will win the SB. The remaining team that allowed the fewest points is NE . . . and they are the one team of the three that didn’t hit the 500 points scored mark.

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