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Salary Cap, Contracts, Free Agency, Holdouts, Franchise Tags.... this league has it ALL!!

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Ready to take your fantasy prowess to the next level?  This league has everything you need to make that jump from your current hum-drum league.

  • 25 starters - 10 IOP, 15 IDP
  • weighted scoring makes all positions relevant
  • assigned contracts from 1-5 years
  • salary cap ($100 million)
  • rookie draft with tiered salary schedule
  • re-signing, RFA, and UFA for expiring contracts
  • one franchise tag allowed per season for an expiring contract
  • salary increases for holdouts who finished in the top 5 in scoring at their position the following season
  • and much MUCH more


I am assuming commissionership of a league that has been going 8 years strong now.  The old commissioner has decided to retire.  Several of the founding members of the league decided to go with him.  I am in the process of saving the league from obscurity, but I need your help.  I'm looking for 8 strong owners to assume ownership of franchises in a 16 team league.  A dispersal draft will be conducted and I am quite confident contending teams are going to be created immediately.  5 of the top 7 teams in the league last year have their players going into the dispersal draft.  Some of the available players...

  • QB - Mahomes, Luck, Brees, Goff, Rodgers
  • RB - Gurley, Conner, Gordon, D Johnson, Henry
  • WR - Tyreek, Hopkins, Adams, Thomas, Thielen, Evans (ridiculous depth at WR)
  • TE - Kelce, Ertz, Ebron
  • DT - Buckner, Cox, Harrison
  • DE - Watt, Lawrence, Garrett
  • LB -  Kuechly, Edmunds, David, Roquan Smith
  • CB - K Moore, S Nelson, T Carrie, L Ryan, D Ward
  • S - J Johnson, Bethea, K Jackson, H Smith

Existing draft picks for the exiting franchises will be divvied up into packages so that each incoming owner is getting a fair portion of the available picks.  Same for the 2020 picks.

Here is a link to the league so that you can take a look around ------>

I would like to fill the league AQAP and get the dispersal draft underway.  Please respond to this post with an email address and I will get back to you.


Enjoy Divisional Weekend and Geaux Saints!!!

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Buy-in is 100, no deposit.

Players in the dispersal draft will carry their current contracts (dollars and years) to their new team, so keeping track of your dollars and staying under the cap during the dispersal draft will be paramount.  Keep in mind while reviewing the contracts, one year will be falling off of each contract when the 2019 season kicks off.  This means that any player with 1 year on their contract right now is an expiring contract player.  You may still select them in the dispersal draft, then go through the necessary steps (re-signing, franchise tag, RFA) to keep them.

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Not necessarily.  It would run like most dispersal drafts.... pick until you are done picking (or you hit the salary cap ceiling).  Any player who is under contract that isn't selected in the dispersal draft will become a FA and can be bid on during the FA period of the offseason.

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Just as a consideration from experience, you might want to consider making the drafting of all contracts necessary. Otherwise, returning teams are the only ones burdened with bad contracts and the new teams come in with huge cap space and zero bad contracts.

Just a thought.

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