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Background: Auction Keeper league where you can keep up to two players from the previous season's roster. Any kept player costs the same as you spent on them last year + $5. Overall budget is $200. 

Roster (from '18-19 season):

Andrew Luck $5

Mark Ingram - $18

Jordan Howard - $40

Robert Woods - $9

Juju Smith-Schuster - $14

David Njoku - $8

Melvin Gordon - $60

Derrius Guice - $10

Courtland Sutton - $10

My thought is to keep Derrius Guice and one of Juju or Woods - or maybe keep both Juju and Woods and focus my '19-20 draft on RBs and QBs while others look for wide receivers. Thoughts? 

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Based on the RB prices you have shown (Howard and Gordon) being very high it would be tempting to keep Guice at $15.  However, I am not sold that he will be fully healthy and with having only two keepers I generally treat it like a redraft.  Based on that I think I keep JuJu and Woods.  That's a very good start at WR that allows you to focus on RB and spend there. 


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I think for me it would really come down to Starting requirements & is it PPR?  What is the QB price range looking like?  If the upper QB's avg $20+ then I I would be very happy paying $10 for Luck.  I Would also keep JuJu

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