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32 Tm Double Copy $250 Full IDP Superpot Openings(FULL)

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Modeled after the Paragon Leagues. If you aren't familiar, they're great fun and highly addictive. 100% payout
Entry is $250 per year...prospective owners pay $375 for initial commitment (2019 and half of 2020), but you're not always paying ahead unless you trade future draft picks as per the rules. New owners all participate in a replacement owners draft, including rookie pick packages, which is great fun in itself.
The ROD's will happen as soon as leagues are filled and then the rookie drafts shortly after the NFL Draft.

***The 1st round picks will each be their own selection...pick packages will be Rounds 2-8 (unadjusted unless there's one that's too stocked) 

31 Must Fall ( Year 8 - Available teams Vikings(taken), Redskins (taken), Jaguars, Browns (taken)

District 32 (Year 7) - Available teams Texans, Seahawks (taken)

Para Bellum (Year 5) -Full Bengals (taken), Dolphins (taken), Eagles (taken),

Premier (Year 4) - Full Browns (taken), Bucs (taken), Vikings(taken), Panthers (taken), Cardinals (taken)

Easier link to see available picks/players...just choose the corresponding tab in the Google Doc

Link to constitution in that doc

My email is or leave a message in this thread. Thanks


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