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Need help: Most competitive league settings?


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This is totally a matter of opinion.  As long as they are set up prior to the season and don't change it doesn't really matter what the settings are.  I would say it is more important to set up a other aspects besides scoring like draft style and IDP included.  That makes for more competitive/BEST leagues.


For scoring, personally I want to try and make every position equal across tiers.  By that I mean a RB1 = WR1 = QB1 = TE1.  It's very difficult to do.  We have found you need to have some specific position bonus levels (especially TE - we have a bonus at 20 yds).  I am not sure about espn sites but in MFL you can set the scoring and check how that affected the previous years so you can experiment and get an idea of what helps to balance the scoring.  It is an iterative process. 


I also think you need to include IDP and have the same number of starters on defense as you do on offense.  The scoring also needs to be the same so one side isn't more important than the other (off vs def). 


Draft should be an auction. 

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