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Dynasty Roster Help. Who to keep/trade/draft


10 Team 2 QB Dynasty League PPR with bonus tiers and KR/PR pts. 2QB, 3WR, 2RB 1TE, 1W/T, 1W/R 1 W/R/T, K DEF, 2 IDP   11 bench 2 IR spots (26 regular spots up to 28 with IR. 

Last year the first year in the league so I just tried to acquire Dynasty value and stubs with a win next year mentality knowing I'd lose in 2018. I dropped my K, DEF, IDPs to acquire more position at end of the season. So I'll need to create 4 -6 roster spots.  I also draft #15 and #21 overall. 

QB: D.Watson, R. WIlson, B Mayfield T. Bridgewater, 

WR: RWoods, TLockett, DJ Moore, A.Jeffery, CGodwin, CKirk, DPettis, CSutton, MVS, KCoutee,

RB: Ezekiel Elliot, NCHubb, D GJuice, R Freeman, N Hines, JMcKinnon, RJonesII, Justin Jackson

TE: Kelce, HHenry, Engram, DGoedert, 

K I target consistency. 

DEF I try to target consistency here. 

IDP Need 2. Settings changes will make these more valuable. 

My thought is to trade up my depth for elite caliber WR. WR/TE maybe RB as long as my overall starting roster improves.  To create roster space I could trade depth for future 2020 draft picks.  But who?  The players I keep are going to have the most value.  So I have to give up a little to get ahead. I do believe that I'm among the better owners in the league and identifying prospects. I subscribe to Waldman's Rookie Scouting Portfolio.  

My team is relatively young and my older players are producers that have value.   

I don't know if I'm sold on CSutton as WR1.  I like Pettis and Kirk long term and want to see how they play out. I'll have to test the market for Jeffery.   

I would probably trade Engram as a TE.  

ROOKIES: my philosophy is draft top tier talent and wait.  I don't need anyone to produce this year. I like Hakeem Butler and TJ Hockenson.  AJ Brown, Miles Boykin, maybe DK Metcalf.  Josh Jacobs is obviously a likely candidate here but RBs don't have as long of a shelf life.  Value pick Darwin Thompson.   Montgomery, Henderson   QB. Murray, Haskins Grier.  Wait on the rest. 



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Players I'm targeting in the draft #15, #21, #26 picks overall 

#15 Pick:  Hakeem Butler.  Hockenson, Irv Smith Jr.. D Montgomery.  DHenderson. 

#21. Any above: DK Metcalf, Mboykin, Darwin Thompson .  J Sterberger

#26  Any above and Will Grier, Drew Lock. 

I believe these players could help fill roster spots if I traded away other players.  OR could be bundled into trades for upgrades.  I wouldn't trade Hockenson or Butler. I might let value rise on Metcalf and others then move.  


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I have never understood the philosophy of punting away the initial season in a start up.  The whole point is to win the league so why purposely try and not compete year 1.  I think that is a poor strategy as you never know how things will pan out.  Sure you think all these young players will be studs and you will dominate for a long time once they come to mature....however it is a crap shoot and they may never mature to pay off.


  • In a league where you can play up to 6 WR's I think your core is fairly week.  You have no true #1 and have a bunch of could be good players.  I don't see a lot of trade value in this bunch.  They are all upside plays that usually people are trying to buy on the cheap. 
  • You have two stud RB's but after that some injury concerns (McKinnon/Guice) and a few underperformers. 
  • QB is in great shape.

Overall I think you are in good shape to compete but I would want some more stability at the WR position to put you in the upper echelon (especially in a 10 team league).  I don't see any obvious trade pieces that will get you much in return unless you are willing to part with one of your QB's or Chubb/Zeke.


Also, only having two IDP slots makes them almost worthless in a 10 team league because you always be able to find someone on waivers that will put up good numbers.  There just won't be enough players rostered to make them worth anymore than a kicker.  You need to start at least 7 or 8 (ideally equal to the number of offensive players you start) to make IDP meaningful.  Based on your setup I wouldn't even worry about getting your IDP's until your last few picks.  I also wouldn't waste any rookie picks on IDP players either. 

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