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32 Team Devy IDP Salary $125/yr LeagueSafe

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Starting a new 32 team, single player copy, Devy/salary league, with a start up auction to determine salaries (contract years to be applied after the auction). We're currently 50% filled. Here are some more highlights, but you can find the league link and bylaws below as well for the full details.

1 player copy including individual QBs, 2 rd devy draft in year 1 (can have max 4 devy's on roster at any given time), you can front and back load contracts (up to 25% of the cap can move years), trading w adding or subtracting years (adds a larger cap hit), 5th yr super pot (extra $4k), dynamic cap each year along w tag and free cut pricing (adjusts each year based on new cap number), a 75% of real NFL salary cap (ie $141.2m this year, just like GMD), 5th yr rookie options, tag numbers are much larger tiers (ie FT=top 5, TT2=top 50, TT3=top 100 etc) so it should make tag bidding much more popular, and a new system to determine draft order/playoff for all teams (including non playoff teams who will compete for comp picks - 1 per round in rds 1-4 only).

Hit me up ( w any questions or if you're interested in joining. If you don't see a name attached to a franchise, it's available.

Cheers, and hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.


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Update: We're now at 20 owners - adding new guys every day. If you've ever wanted to try a league that mimics the NFL as much as possible, this is the one! 


Hosting of this league is on MFL.

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