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2019 Anarchy League 6 Thread

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Draft already turned on.

01) Ruffrodys - IN
02) Go DC Yourself - IN
03) Jason Wood
04) Cobalt Cruisin' - IN
05) Ben & Jerry's - IN
06) Arodin - IN
07) ryheaps - IN
08) BassNBrew - IN
09) Norseman - IN
10) bro1ncos - IN
11) Hawkeye21
12) Crippler - IN
13) eNdblu - IN
14) freeannyong - IN
15) Genester - IN
16) Biabreakable

Please log on to league site then check in here to indicate you are good to go.

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I have just about reached the point of all I can do. If there are problems, I won’t be able to address them most likely until next week. Hopefully Ruffrody shows up. 

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8 minutes ago, Ruffrodys05 said:

IN - Pick is made, apologies for delay

Don't sweat it. I didn't give anyone any notice. We have almost 4 weeks until the season starts. Last year's League 6 draft didn't even start until 8/18. Hopefully the last few guys will check in soon.

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On 8/19/2019 at 10:09 AM, Ruffrodys05 said:

Effin absolutely hate the 1.01 slot. Still, I'm kinda happy with my draft at this point.

It is rough. No picks in the top 50 besides that first pick.

These leagues always make regular 12 team drafts easy by comparison.

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All bust team for 2019 part two


8.01 113.    Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB TMQB    - QB were drafted much higher in this league than the other draft I did. I love Arians and this team is going to be airing it out all year. Great weapons for Winston to work with. I am not really a fan but the numbers should be good enough. Picking outside of the top 100.

17.16 272.    Redskins, Washington WAS TMQB - My 2nd to last pick. I just didn't want the Dolphins. I like Haskins and maybe this will be ok.

I wanted to get better QB than this and I was willing to use early picks to do so. But almost all the best QB were gone by around pick 70 or so. Tampa did seem by far the most valuable QB left so I took them and then just waited for the 2nd QB towards the end. I had some mild interest in the Bears QB earlier than this but for the most part the QB I wanted were already gone before I picked the Bucs.

2.01    17.    Cook, Dalvin MIN RB    - Cook is set up to be a top 10 RB this season. Everything I am hearing and seeing is encouraging.

7.16    112.    Breida, Matt SFO RB    - Most of the RB are gone at this point outside the top 100 players. McKinnon is hurt so Matt Brieda and Tevin Coleman have some really good opportunity here. If Breida can get 200 touches he will outperform this investment.

13.16    208.    Harris, Damien NEP RB  - Harris is a good RB and more durable than Michel. I could see him paying off big time. It is NE so playoff games likely. RBBC though so who knows?

15.16    240.    Richard, Jalen OAK RB - I actually made this pick live. There really wasn't much left to choose from. This is pick 240 after all. Richard seemed like the best option. Could be a really good pick if something happens to Jacobs.

RB are devalued in this league. I mostly punted the position after taking Cook.

3.16    48.    Lockett, Tyler SEA WR    - I think Locket puts up numbers similar to Doug Balwin has in previous years. 

4.01    49.    Ridley, Calvin ATL WR    - Great rookie season that I am expecting Ridley to maintain and build on.

6.01    81.    Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR    - I have heard Murray is supposed to be a good QB. Jury still out there. I know Larry is a great WR and any QB will find that out too. He should lead the Cardinals in targets.

9.16    144.    Samuel, Deebo SFO WR  - I believe he will be a starting WR for the 49ers and he is such a good RAC player I expect them to get him the ball.

10.01    145.    Jones, Zay BUF WR - After a horific rookie season Zones actually did pretty well with rookie QB Josh Allen last year. I think they build on that this season.

It is hard to get good WR when you are just getting started around pick 50 but I like this group of receivers a lot. I think I have a better group here than I do in the other league.

1.16    16.    Engram, Evan NYG TE  - Engram is looking a bit like the last man standing right now. I expect the targets for him to be high and even higher due to the absence of other receivers.

5.16    80.    Reed, Jordan WAS TE    - Best receiver on the team. Injury waiting to happen, but he seems to be fully healthy at this time. 

16.01    241.    Thomas, Ian CAR TE - I am not sure about Greg Olsen. Thomas actually did ok for a rookie TE. He may not do much if Olsen is goof to go. I think he is a promising player down the road. I may be a year too early here.

I believe in trying to take advantage of the 2 points per reception for TE. There were actually some very good receivers I could have taken as my flex still available. I considered that for a long time, but ultimately went for the upside of Thomas possibly getting 40 or so receptions.

11.16    176.    Myers, Jason SEA PK    - I think they will keep him at their kicker.

12.01    177.    Prater, Matt DET PK - I think they will keep him at their kicker.

It is helpful having back to back picks so I could get in there and get my kickers without signaling any run.

14.01    209.    Broncos, Denver DEN Def    - The Bronco still have a ton of talent on the defensive side of the ball. Coverage needs some improvement.

18.01    273.    Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def - I dunno. This defense seems to be getting progressively worse. My last pick.

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Doing 3 teams and on 4th is interesting

i came in with 2 plans. Wait on QB with knowing I like Allen and Flacco a lot this year and be happy with both at QB as feel both can be playoff makers and just screamed value. Only ended up with one each. 2nd part is going 3 TE on each team. Tried to do playoff team thoughts



league 3 Pitt and Jack. Steelers was steal in the 8th. I have them as playoff bound and still throwing a lot. Big QB run happened and my 2 targets gone by 9th. Did not want Wash, Miami, Cincy Or Tenn. Took Jags over them. Was not happy

league 4. SF and Denv.. I wanted to try different things in each. Probably should have gone Buff but had already taken in one. So went with SF this time. Not enamoured. Still okay for end of round 8 but each league so different. Got my Denv combo in the 9th. 

League 6. My earliest combo at 7,8 turn. SD was easy choice. I don’t consider Rivers  and a few others far behind Saints taken in 4th. Got my Josh Allen fix here. Even though Denv in 12th here looks like a steal. Again. So interesting how QBs go in each draft. 


L3. My fun league with Zeke1.13) and Melvin(4.4) as RB. Could be winning combo or lead to lower finish. But placing 2nd is no fun. So went for broke. Ballege seems to be a target. Love everything I have read and while no playoff chance for 9th round a steal. Really believe he out does Drake for fun. Hillard might get Dukes pts and was just looking for pts and playoff chance. Like this combo

L4. CMC with playoff chance seemed like easy choice. I go Barkley normally but our rules change that. Think WR is deeper position. I am big on Kerryon even though hope this pre season usage is not a thing. But still like even with no playoff chance. Than the rest is probably miss. Hines was picked as not big fan of Mack. Edwards hoping still gets touches in that run oriented O. Good start, awful punt. 

 L6. Gurley could be hit or miss but in second is good value. Lamar Miller probably ends my season. Got Ballege and Hillard again. Miller in the 6th seemed like value but guess those who took Duke got the steal. He was on many of my lists


L3 This was the wait one and like. Landry should be good. Start. Love Watkins and was a desire from the get go. I think screams value. Funchess looked good but the Luck news hurts. Metcalf injury hurting some but how long out. Love McLaurin and another huge value to me. I think he will be top WR for Redskins. 

L4. Love this group, Jeffrey is solid. Lockett looks like breakout guy. Watkins is my love child to have. Like the upside of Washington and feel he is breakout star and Deebo was another want. Missed in 3 because someone scooped was earlier.  

L6. Switched this one up taking Odell early. Than got Woods for playoff potential also and got 2nd share of Funchess. Than punted till the end and took 2 rookies. Another share of McLaurin and than see how AJ Brown works out. I don’t mind but don’t mind but don’t like as well as 4 even though earlier resources here. 


L3. Went hard and love this group. Henry, Hooper and Hockenson looks excellent. Not much to say here. Part of my core philosophy to start

L4. Again 3. I love Hunter Henry and think playoffs. Rudolph is old reliable and having good camp. Everett felt like steal 

L6. I almost went Hunter again. But shook it up. Hooper and Rudolph again as playoff chances. Hurst is risk as not sure place but talented and TE scoring


L3. 2 guys who keep jobs with Sanders and playoff shot with Crosby

L4 Scary with 2 young guys and Vedvik looking more like punter. Gay the rookie and we know how rookies have fared lately. Not good

L6. McManus is solid. Second share of Vedvik. Not good. He has so disappointed me. Waiting on PK overall did not work well


L3. Car-Pitt. 2 playoff chances. Solid

L4. NO-Pitt. Really like this one

L6. Rams-NO. Took D more seriously than PK. Happy with all 3


League 3 could run away if RBs come back. Solid everywhere overall. Fav team

League 4. So many holes

League 6. Losing Miller should eliminate chances. 

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