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Dynasty: JJones for AJGreen/Kittle


14 Team Dynasty - Standard Scoring - NO PPR (Start 1QB, 1K, 1D/ST, 5 FLEX - if you start 2 or 3 RB you must start a TE)

Give: AJ Green and Kittle

Get: Julio Jones


My starters now: Mahomes, McCaffrey, LBell, Hopkins, (KAllen or Theilen or Freeman) Kelce, Tucker, Defense

If I make the trade: Mahomes, McCaffrey, LBell, Hopkins, Julio, Kelce, Tucker, Defense


My team:

Mahomes, Watson, Brissett

McCaffrey, LBell, DFreeman, DJohnson, NHines

Hopkins, KAllen, Theilen, AJ Green, CGodwin, DWestbrook

Kelce, Theilen

Tucker, Lutz

Denver, LA Rams


My team has become loaded through good pick, waiver wire, and luck. My only worry with this deal is that I would not have a backup TE in case Kelce goes down, but I could still start 1RB with Hopkins, Jones, KAllen, Theilen if that were to happen. I know Jones and Green both have their injury concerns as well. ATL plays in a dome almost all year.

Thoughts?? Any reason not to take this.

Leave a link. Will answer yours.

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You have Kelce and wouldn't start him over the other players you have other than on Bye weeks.  

I say go for it.  You are getting the best player in deal as well.  

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Thanks for answering my question. I have to say for a 14-teamed this is an impressive roster. I say go for it, this is going to make your team ever more loaded. Win now while you can!

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