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Equinsu Ocha

Trading for Zeke


This is a 2 QB, non-PPR, redraft league with roster requirements of 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 R/W/T, 1 TE.

My team:

QB: Deshaun, Lamar, Rodgers
RB: Carson, Conner, D. Mont, R. Penny
WR: DJ Moore, Fitz, Marquise Brown, Cooks, Metcalf, Marvin Jones, Demarcus Robinson
TE: Engram (out), Fant

I have an offer to trade Rodgers, Conner, and Cooks for Zeke, John Brown and Danny Dimes.

The 3rd QB will obviously just be a buy-week fill in. If one of my QBs gets hurt though it could be ugly so it is nice having Rodgers as insurance. However, my RBs are lacking and Zeke would be an obviously huge improvement. I feel like I won't miss Cooks much.

He also has Diggs so I can try to counter with Diggs instead of Brown but not sure who I like better there.

Should I pull the trigger? And should I try to counter with Diggs over Brown?

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I think Brown will be the more consistent guy over Diggs but I am not sure that this is really all that great of a trade for you.  Is Zeke that big of an upgrade over Conner when all is said and done based on this year's performance thus far?  I am not so sure.  Dallas is passing more and more and Conner will be the main offensive cog for the foreseeable future.  You take a huge hit at QB (it may only be back up but you are also preventing other teams from playing him).  Cooks & Brown is essentially a wash. 


Based on the increased likelihood that Jackson or Watson gets injured based on their styles having Rodgers around is a huge importance in a 2QB league.  I think I stay put. 

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