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Bracie Smathers

LB Devin Bush Pittsburgh

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I think its time to start the thread.

He's already earned it but with the loss of Tuitt and Keith Butler saying he will blitz more he could get a bump on his solid production.


ARTICLEKeith Butler May Blitz More To Compensate For Tuitt’s Loss


Keith Butler blitzed a career high in 2018, sending a non-defensive linemen/outside linebacker on 44% of pass rushes. He’s scaled things back dramatically in 2019 but with the loss of Stephon Tuitt, a move that will obviously hurt the Steelers’ pass rush, he’ll likely be forced to ramp things up at least a little bit.

For the year, Butler’s dropped his blitz rate to 28.9%. Based on our charting, it would make for the lowest mark since becoming defensive coordinator in 2015 ...

...Butler is going to have to scheme pressure

The article doesn't mention Bush but he came in with the ability to rush the passer.

his position coach, Jerry Olsavsky, says Bush - hows his ability to bang with big bodies particularly in pass-rushing. 


...“Devin is a good pass-rusher,” Olsavsky insisted. “He rushed at Michigan. Being a good pass-rusher, if you’ve got feel, you can be a good pass-rusher.”

Attacking the passer is one portion of the game where Bush maintains his lack of size may help him.

“I’m low to the ground. Very quick. Explosive off the first step,” Bush said. “I can generate a lot of power with my legs and my arms. Being able to use my athleticism in the middle to have that quick burst — that strength — to withstand the bigger guys, I think that’s the biggest advantage when I rush inside.”

I think he will not only maintain his current high production but we will see a bump from added pass rush production.

Pass Rush   


...defensive coordinators are going to love his ability to blitz the quarterback.



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