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Dr. Dan

2020 dynasty start up, MFL

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Starting a league in 2020, looking to get enough guys so that we can run an auction, potentially allowing a rookie draft still.


Looking for serious players only. Frequent posters encouraged. PM me and I can get you details. 


This will be on the MFL platform, and the startup will be a slow auction on that site. 

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Superflex TE Premium

Around 50 to 150 dollar buy in

12 or 14 teams (per player copy) 

No defense, kickers, IDP or salary caps

Start QRRWWWTSFFFF (maybe only 3 Flex) 

PPR - maybe tiered

Trade draft picks at least 2 years out 

Some kind of H2H supplement like All Play, Victory Points, or most points earns last playoff spot. 



I don't know if those are the settings, I just posted what I would like in hopes of swaying the OP :). 







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I would be game. My preference would be:

16 teams per player copy No salaries.

(Less than 16 teams per player copy = all plug and play yahoo type leagues.)

Full IDP 

Superflex, TE Premium

Default MFL scoring (they seem to have it down for these type of leagues)

The rest as per post above. Just my 2cts. IMHO the only way you could pull off an auction draft would be if it fills REALLY early. I have done a slow draft auction like this in MFL and it handles it nicely.

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