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Help on pricing a product for Facebook Marketplace

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Ok so quick question. 

About 3 months ago someone gave me a bunch of Sixers stuff. I let some friends and family pick the stuff they wanted and trying to sell the rest now for a quick profit as Obviously I'll never wear the stuff. There was a nice Kyle Korver Blue Jersey I kept as well as an Old School Jerry Stackhouse I took given he was one of my favorite players. I now have a few XL Fultz Jerseys White and Blue and a Blue Fultz T-shirt XL. I'm thinking about selling them on the facebook market place but not sure what a good price is. They all have the original tags and never been worn. They came directly from the 76ers as the person who gave them from me said they were giving it away at work. I also have a few Sixers duffle bags I can throw in for free to the person. Would does $20 for each jersey and 10 for the shirt too much or too little? I'll even be throwing in the duffle bag for free to put the stuff in. The issue is it's a player who sucked badly when he was here so I don't want to look like some ####### who is selling jerseys out of his car. 

I'm not even a fan of the team so I figured giving it to someone who wants them would be better off. Since I'm looking for some extra holiday cash to spend on my GF right now as well. I've been saving up for a really nice Necklace she's wanted for awhile and I'm a good $100 short on what I want. I was taking a few bucks out of my paycheck weekly but after this weeks pay comes in tomorrow I won't be paid till Christmas and by that point it'll be too late. It's her Christmas gift this year and her mom already knows I'm getting her it. She offered to spot me but I told her no thank you and I appreciated but I think her daughter would kill both of us if she found out her mom was helping me with this. I made my girl a promise to get her this necklace for awhile so at this point she's kind of expecting it now. What I take out this week and if I can get like $60 at the least for the Jersey/Shirt it'd help a lot. Any suggestions on prices? 

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On 12/12/2019 at 8:02 AM, comfortably numb said:

Try to search on ebay? to see how much that stuff may be going for to get your price, then

Trust the profit 

:goodposting: I like to go to eBay and do a search for what you're trying to sell, then filter by "Sold Items" and see what they've gone for recently. 

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