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Mack, Cooper or Parker? Need two. Please help!!!


I'm really struggling with this decision today.  Standard scoring non-ppr league.  All season, it was cooper and mack.  Injuries let me pickup Parker which was great. This is obviously a good problem to have and there probably isn't a bad answer unless they get hurt or just tanks it.

In a non-ppr, I usually lean toward the RB position because of volume.  Prior to the injury, Mack was getting plenty of it.  It wasn't quite there last week, but he was able to salvage a TD. NO defense is also bangged up a bit.  If they get behind, then may abandon the run.  But, they have a way of staying in games until late.

Parker has been a beast of late until the concussion.  There is a bit of sustained wind so that concerns me just a bit.

Cooper is going against Ramsey but they should be throwing the ball all day long.

Any help is appreciated.  Leave link and I will answer your.  

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I would take Cooper for sure as the #1 in this situation. But with the wind forecast and concussion, I just don't trust Parker. Never trusted him. Boom or bust. I'd trust Mack over him.


Thanks for the reply on mine.

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