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Superbowl Show Down ..Flex Gallup or Boone


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Tough call because you don't if Cook or Mattison will indeed play.  There are conflicting reports abound....

Safe play would be Gallup.  If Boone is the starter with no Cook or Mattison, I think the upside is there with him.  Overall in flex I have them really close to each other.

All things working out (Cook and Mattison declared out) and taking into consideration Dak's injury, I roll with Boone

Sorry for long winded reply, but I wanted to put my though process in here....


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15 hours ago, DarkKnightsGuru said:

Ok so here we go at flex

1 point per reception

1 point for every 10 total yards 

7 points a TD

At flex Gallup or Boone 

Gallup vs Eagles 

Your reply gets my help 

I like Gallup as I don't think Boone is the 3rd down back.  Does Boone catch passes?  I know nothing about him except he looked good last game running.

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Going into this season I was so high on Gallup and the possibility of him being a top 10 wideout as I’m not sold on Cooper... well that has not come to fruition.  That entire O is disappointing and w Dak nicked I dont see him going a full game.  Last week you saw the run game elevated BIG TIME once the injury became more pronounced.  I say Boone is a league winner for a lot here... it suxs it’s Monday night though.

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