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Plain and simple: Who wins?


First 14-0 team in the 20 year history of our league, but I almost wish I was 13-1, the pressure here is intense...

Anyway, I'm running with:

Carson (GOLD)
Ingram (GOLD)
Ward (Phi)
Kirk (should be behind in the first quarter)
A. Miller (same, and the past few weeks, he's been as good as AR II)
Chubb, as my flex!
Patriots, to show them pesky Bills who's boss of the division.

Those are my starts, with Hunt, Wentz and Higbee as viable options on the bench. (Yeah, there is a reason I'm 14-0 this year.) Also, following game script, slight chance I end up with Hunt instead of Chubb, as they will likely be behind early; But Kitchens is a moron, and  I'm already starting Fitzpatrick in championship week, so that's enough chances taken, thanks. GPP only.

He's got:
Ryan (yikes)
Henry (A god, but against NO, not expecting a blow-up game against that run D and nursing a hammy that could get worse at any time.)
Laird (Ha. I'm laughing at these RB zero guys this year, but that's his best other option.)
Allen (that could be the killer.)
Kupp (at SF)
R. Anderson (at Pittsburgh)
Waller (ouch! Who else are they going to throw to when they are behind 14-0 in the 1st quarter?)
Elliott (K)
Bills, on the road at NE. I ain't scared.

As I post this, Yahoo, where this is playing out,  has me favored by about 10, as do the the FBG projections. So over 60% win on both sites.  

Really think this is going to happen, his roster is mostly three great players going off surrounded by duds, and outside of my WRs*, I should still crush.

But please tell me what you think/stroke my ego.

*Oh yeah: I lost Evans, Ridley and M. Jones Jr. on my week 14 bye. 
If anyone "deserves" this, it's me.

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you may want to have a back up plan for Kirk since he is a game time decision with an injured ankle......

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If Kirk doesn't go, best I can do as my WR3 (WR7, really, last week really hurt) is Amendola, who I'm not excited about repeating. But at least they are both  on the afternoon slate, so if I have to, I will.

Just feeling my RBs are going to crush, and it won't matter much who I start at WR. 


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For the record, I got scared of the winds (18 mph, gusting to 30, they said, ) and benched Fitzpatrick for Wentz. And most of my team stunk. But with no Henry, his was even worse, and I did it: 15-0, league champion.

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