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14 Team Superflex Startup $30 TE Premium

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League of Legends
1. League Composition
There will be a total of 14 teams in the League of Legends. Your team name and picture must be a former Heisman winner.
2. League Dues
(A) Each Franchise must pay the League of Legends in the amount of $30 per year, due on or before March 1st of each year or on a date set by the Commissioner. The league uses League-safe to hold the league’s funds. WE WILL BE COLLECTING THE FIRST TWO YEARS OF DUES IMMEDIATELY UPON JOINING. SO $60. 
(B) Owners who leave the league in good standing will be reimbursed any future league fees paid once a replacement owner is found and the new owner has paid their league fees.
(C) All fees collected for any one season will go into the prize pot for that season minus the cost for MFL fees or other necessary fees of the league. In the event the league dissolves, all yearly fees for seasons not played shall be refunded.
(D) Trades involving future any future draft picks cannot be ratified unless the owner of the pick being traded has paid their league dues for that year.
3. Prize Money
The following is the yearly accounting based on 14 teams x $30 = $420
$70 (MFL fees)
$230 1st
$90 2nd
$30 3rd
Total: $420

4. The starting lineup submitted by League owners each week during the regular season must comply with the following provisions:
1-2 Quarterbacks, 2-5 Running backs, 2-5 Wide Receivers, 1-2 Tight End, 
Total Starters: 10 
5. Regular Season and Playoffs
(A) There is a 13 week regular season. The schedule is determined randomly by the MFL software. Teams will play each team in their conference once
(B) Six teams make the playoffs. Top 5 based on record and the 6th is based on TOTAL POINTS!!!!!!!!!!
(C) The top two teams will be seeded #1 to #2. The next four highest teams will qualify as wildcards and will be seeded #3 to #6. Seeds 1 and 2 will get a bye. 

Will be using Group-Me for communication. Want to find guys who won't disappear and be active YEAR round. Do not join if you are in too many leagues or will jump ship after 1 year. Please read the bylaws below and the requirements. Also check out the MFL league and the scoring. Big plays will add more points. Also we will be doing TE Premium. Please email me if interested. 

By-Laws: ... sp=sharing
Scoring: ... 38072&O=09

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