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Keeper Assist


16-team, 1/2 PPR, 1-2-3-1, Keep 4
(the lower their 2019 point total, the higher our draft pick; pays to keep players that were injured or under performed)

I've included their point totals

Just looking for early insight as to keepers next year. Injuries really messed me up and have skewed my perception of players.

RB - Bell (131), Chubb (221), Conner (108), Guice (50)
WR- Beckham (127), JuJu (80), Hopkins (163), Gallup (137)

Leaning towards Chubb, Conner, Hopkins, JuJu and hoping to trade off Bell and Beckham in the off season. 

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Since you get penalized for high point totals I think JuJu is a must keep.  Guice would also be tempting but that would depend on how a few things go in the offseason.  Conner seems like a good option although he is getting an injury tag for his career so maybe not.  I would probably list them in this order of preference:


  1. JuJu
  2. Chubb (unless flipping him and Guice gets me the 1st pick and I can take Chubb, or equivalent, anyway)
  3. Hopkins (I am assuming he is kind of down the list for points than usual so it helps you)
  4. Conner
  5. OBJ
  6. Guice (depending on injury and competition)
  7. Bell
  8. Gallup


What are the typical players left for the draft?

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always a handful of great players thrown back as we can only keep players for 3 years. And all rookies. 1st round gives you some good players so being higher in the round really helps. Last year I traded my 1st for JuJu. I usually don’t have a high pick. May be packaging players up again. 

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